Monday, December 21, 2009

Modern Living Rooms

Modern Living Rooms

Yellow-Black Living RoomsYellow-Black Living Rooms

Modern furniture designs have always given the art-deco and the Victorian styles a tough fight. While the latter two represent aristocracy and high-end fashion, modern defines a trendy yet comfortable style quotient and are very progressive in nature.
And what more can one ask for once they return home after a long tiring day! Italian furniture Design Company, Tumidei, offers fabulous options for your living room. Clean design lines add a sense of serenity and calmness to the beige, brown and white color furniture. Simple yet stylish, Tumidei furniture speaks a lot about one’s personal style and choice. Throw in a bright colored rug or a lamp and your room will come alive with personality of its own.Living room Design - black and white

Brown Living roomBrown Living room

Mirrored Living roomMirrored Living room

Living Room DesignsLiving Room Designs
Design Ideas,Modern Kitchen
Red-Cream Living roomRed-Cream Living room

living Room Decoration Bedroom Lightingliving Room Decoration
Bedroom Lighting

Glass-Center Living roomGlass-Center Living room

Flat-Center-Piece-Living roomFlat-Center-Piece-Living room
Italian Contemporary Bedroom
Eclectic Living roomEclectic Living room
Bedroom Lighting
living Room Decorationliving Room Decoration

Modern Living RoomModern Living Room
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Black-White-Living roomBlack-White-Living room

Luxury living room Italian Contemporary BedroomLuxury living room
Italian Contemporary Bedroom

Interior Decorating Living Room Home FurnishingsInterior Decorating Living Room Home Furnishings

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kids Room Interior Design | Kids Bedroom
Kids Room Interior Design

So you are planning to decorate your kid’s room. Where do you start? If you are decorating the room for your baby or very young toddler, the initial planning decisions will be yours (you may of course consult professional interior designers if your budget stretches that far) and the project will be designed and carried out by you.
Kids Bedroom Interior Design

However, if your young child has reached an age where they have started to develop their own personality and tastes, it’s a good idea to have your child involved in the process from the beginning. After all he or she will be the one using the room and obviously a child’s needs are very different to those of an adult. Children use their rooms for a number of reasons apart from sleeping. They will want to use it for playing alone or with their friends, reading and a host of other activities. Their room will also store their clothes, toys and belongings.
Kids Bedroom

It is useful at this stage, before you give free rein to your child’s imagination and tastes, to bear in mind safety and the practical issues of maintenance. Children will want to play as freely as possible without you having to worry about the decor therefore hardwood floors and vinyls are useful. Wallpaper that can be wiped clean may also be a consideration. Wall-to-wall carpeting may be a problem for children with allergies and also difficult to clean. Curtains, rugs, pillows and bedding should be easily removable and machine washable. Some safety considerations both in terms of kids room decor and room accessories might be finding furniture with curves instead of sharp corners or making use of recesses in walls to build in furniture and storage areas.
Modern Kids Bedroom

Practical issues now dealt with, how can you help your child create an environment that reflects their personality, keeps their interest and uses their imagination?
Start by sitting on the floor with your child and ask questions about their favourite colours, themes or activities. Involve your child as much as you can in the initial planning process and their ideas in the final design. Try to find balance between what you know is possible and practical against what is in your child’s taste.

In terms of colours, use pastels to create cosy and inviting spaces. Neutral colours soothe and relax your child. If your child likes vivid colours you could create wall murals or ceiling pictures bringing their favourite toy figures or favourite images and themes to life. Remember children lose interest easily and change their tastes and `favourites` quickly. Unless you want to change your kid’s room decor frequently, steer your discussions in favour of neutral colours on walls and furniture and be more creative with room accessories.

There are numerous children’s room accessories that add colour, creativity and individuality to your child’s room. Clocks, height charts, name plaques, wall hooks, bookends and door knobs all help to personalize your child’s space. Many of these products are decorated with your child’s favourite theme.
You may wish to spend time with your child browsing for ideas for kid’s room decor. When you have found your products ensure they are supplied by companies that guarantee safety, quality and child-friendliness.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unexpected Christmas Decor

I had a lot of fun yesterday decorating a friends home for the Holidays. I roamed her house in search of a long colorful painting to set on the mantel over the fireplace. My friend has a beautiful French Country home in the west hills with a view that is absolutely gorgeous. I found the perfect painting in a spare bedroom! It was vibrant and happy and changed the whole feeling of the living room which was very nice before but now it took on a friendly casual feel. I flanked the ends of the painting with bright green leafy and vibrant red berry branches in clear glass cylinders. I then placed a large porcelain bunny and two natural nests with filled with the same bright green and red kissed baby crab apples acting as eggs. The dining table repeats the green in a long fur garland tucked with varying height cream chunky candles and nests filled with crab apples and here and there a porcelain bunny or farm yard pig. On one of the tables in the living room I put a bright red amaryllis in a crisp white pot next to a marble glass domed cake plate that has fur greens and a porcelain bunny and crab apples piled high.

All of these items other than the fresh were pieces my friend already had, I encourage you to look a new at what you own and move it into a new and more inventive use for the holidays you can always tear apart a room you rarely use and put it all back after Christmas.

Happy Holiday decorating!

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Christmas Mantel Lights DecorationsChristmas Mantel Lights Decorations

Christmas is almost here again. It time to start thinking about decorating your home. Christmas home decorations are the main thing that gives life and color to our home every season. Choosing the right one is difficult especially when there is so much to choose from. Beautiful wreathes made of fragrant greens, lights twinkling in a multitude of colors, ornaments glittering, Christmas stockings… you can choose from a variety of unique designs. It can be challenging to find the right details to create a cozy feeling in your home during the holiday season. You need a bit of creativity and imagination when you come up with Christmas decorating ideas. So here are a few christmas decorating ideas to help you make your home feel warm and comfortable. Want more Christmas inspiration ?Italian Contemporary Bedroom
Purple Kitchen Ideas by Spazzi
Colorful Christmas DecorColorful Christmas Decor

Christmas Interior Decor IdeaChristmas Interior Decor Idea

Christmas Decor WreathChristmas Decor Wreath

Christmas Decor WhiteChristmas Decor White

Christmans Decor SocksChristmans Decor Socks

Christmas Decor NoelChristmas Decor Noel

Christmas Decor NiceChristmas Decor Nice

Christmas Decor NewChristmas Decor New

Christmas Decor MirrorChristmas Decor Mirror

Christmas Decorations IdeasChristmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas Decor DesignChristmas Decor Design

Christmas Decor BeautifulChristmas Decor Beautiful

Christmas Decorations Ideas IndoorChristmas Decorations Ideas Indoor

christmas decorationschristmas decorations

Christmas DecorationsChristmas Decorations

Christmas Decor-2010Christmas Decor-2010

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

For most parents, the challenging part is finding a kid room decorating idea that will help you create a custom childrens bedroom design for your child. Safety should be the first thing to consider when selecting the flooring for your child’s bedroom, keeping this in mind select flooring that is not slippery, devoid of friction and made of fine materials that are allergy-proof. Sangiorgio Mobili is the company which specialize in needs of kids by designing stylish and modern rooms for them. The most of their ideas are directed to the boys. By using loft ideas even small room could fit two beds, study desk, wardrobes, bookshelf and so on. Many of designs are bright and shiny. The kid always could feel that he live a happy life. In order to get more info about great kids rooms visit Sangiorgio Mobili site.

The unique bathroom designs ideas

The Unique Bathroom Designs Ideas

Modern and unique Bathroom Design ideasModern and unique Bathroom Design ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces in a home, and for good reason, People who want very subdued colors, clean lines, contemporary or Zen surroundings may have a very busy or stressful life, There are so many different bathroom design trends it would be impossible to cover them all, so here are some of the unique bathroom designs ideas.Black & White Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact
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Bathroom Designs IdeasBathroom Designs Ideas
Bathroom Design PicturesBathroom Design Pictures