Thursday, June 23, 2011

Classic design of the bathtub

Classic bathtub is the best ideas when thinking about the renewal of bathroom decoration and desire in the air classic antique. The bathtub is designed with four lists, those lists are in the form of animal paw-called "Klofot."

Important considerations in the design of the classic bathtub:

• The design of the bathtub classic is piece of art in the bathroom and a complement to its beauty. In contrast to what some may expect that the type of classic bathtub is not the formations of it, the classic bathtub comes in many forms to look a Beautiful decorative piece in the bathroom.

•the area of bathroom and ​​personal taste,are the first router to choose the perfect design and best suited for classical bathtub.

•The classic bathtub Do not fit Modern bathroom,therefore it is necessary to give the classical age to suits to the decor of the bathroom and made a cover from wood for walls with drawings of flowers and replace the glass window with stained glass, and install lighting accessories such as crystal and brass lamps. It is important to change the sink (basin)with another suitable design of the classic bathtub.

• you must set up the foundation to put the classic bathtub,becouse it will be a technical corner in the bathroom, and this foundation or the base will be made from brick and cement,and then covered with ceramic and marble ,becouse wood will eroded by Moisture whatever the resistance degree of the water.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favorite colors for parts bathroom

Better health services in the bathroom to be , white or creamy or light browen, Are often consistent with the color of the wall of the bathroom, which is personal choice and psychological first place,But we must deference the psychological effect of color because the different colors Creates different Responses

• Yellow:
Can choose the yellow is the color of the sun it suggests the light also, It also gives Sunrise sun if the sun does not reach to the bathroom.Degrees of yellow color that are suited for walls the color yellow that Tends to orange , and pale yellow and ivory, light brown and pale lime.

• orange:
The orange color of the most degrees of colors warmer ,It combines the qualities of red and yellow, and can be configured different colors from the color orange for use in interior decoration for home like vintage color and the color of rust and copper color.

• Blue:
Can choose the color blue is the color of clear sky and deep water. but can be put towels with varying blue colors and white to give more color rough and the sea.

• brown:
Brown color gives a sense of calm nerves and lending an Excellency, especially with the use of spare accessories. For more elegance can put towels in the bathroom with varying colors between light brown and light yellow, and olive green.

• Green:
Can choose the green color ,it is the color of grass and leaves of the trees and vegetables, so it reflects the sense of shade and comfort,it cosiders from the colors that comfortable for Eyes and nerve and Soothe the mood.

• pink:
You can choose a non-traditional color such as pink for the bath room of teenage girlif there is space available for it. Can be chosen for the bedroom, bathroom, Pink and purple are bright colors like beautiful flowers and butterflies and nature.

Bathroom colors and Decorative splendor

The Beauty is a relative concept ultimately follows the taste and the nature of a person's life small and simple bathroom can be just as beautiful and elegant baths for villas and palaces,the colors of accessories, ceramics and crew health in the baths Must be consistent.Better to choose only two colors for ceramics in the bathroom and show them through the way of the installation of ceramic and better to choose colors and use them with varying degrees of color to show each other.

Ceramics attractive colors in the bathroom

Ceramics attractive colors in the bathroom
Ceramics occupies the center of the stage for the bathroom walls of most houses, whether Arab or Western, for longevity and ease of maintenance and also the beauty of the form of ceramics and the multiplicity of forms and colors, and availability of a variety of sizes up sometimes to the size of the mosaic which increases elegance of the bathroom, especially if different colors and designs appropriate । ceramic uses for floors and walls, and even on ceilings.

colors of bathroom decoration

Bold colors of bathrooms:

Warm colors of bathrooms:

Bathroom colors and Decorative splendor

Favorite colors for parts bathroom

Ceramics attractive colors in the bathroom

Warm colors of bathrooms:

The use of gold ornaments and bronze limits of traditional white or light brown in the bathroom, bronze color in the bathroom adds a sense of vitality and warmth.

Can uses the color of bronze in curtain and stands and uses gold rings.

As can be painted the windows of the bathrooms with bronze and elegant golden frame on the wall mirror will bring a touch of classic to the bathroom decorations.

For more of a sense of luxury can be used mixers bathroom sinks in silver.

Bold colors of bathrooms:

Bold colors of bathrooms:

The blending bold colors baths bustling with each other creates a pattern of non-conventional. For example, the cream color of the walls of the bathrooms, with lines of white color with another color for the bathroom floors, be consistent with the colors of the various other accessories such as curtains large bathrooms decorated in rainbow colors with dark blue carpets bathroom flooring.

At the same time, can use the blue carriers towels that are placed upon a small green towels, and another with red color, which creates a sense of joy and make mixing colors with each other.

The addition of pieces of rainbow-colored accessories such as red soap holder and green toothbrush holder and the use of red colors include in the handles of cupboards or shelves will add another areas of delight for bathroom decoration.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bathroom colors in the form of the beach

Bathroom colors in the form of the beach:

Use the colors of baths with varying color rough and the sky and sand, so be the best choice of colors is, blue for the walls and light brown for flooring, whether ceramic or tarpaulins, the use of colors bathrooms appear to varying degrees to each other

That some of the accessories light gives more sense of the sky color, such as putting plastic bathroom curtains bath color light blue color of the sky the sea, or contain fees fish or shells.

And can use the same color the sea of ​​carpet bathrooms.

Frames can choose a small size suitable for bathroom wall with pictures of the beach or a beautiful colored fish, which increases the beauty of walls of bathrooms as well. It is natural that the selection of bathroom accessories kit colors of the sea, or the color of the shell and forms.

The placement of bathroom towels shades of blue and white will be given more of the color of the waves and the sea.