Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favorite colors for parts bathroom

Better health services in the bathroom to be , white or creamy or light browen, Are often consistent with the color of the wall of the bathroom, which is personal choice and psychological first place,But we must deference the psychological effect of color because the different colors Creates different Responses

• Yellow:
Can choose the yellow is the color of the sun it suggests the light also, It also gives Sunrise sun if the sun does not reach to the bathroom.Degrees of yellow color that are suited for walls the color yellow that Tends to orange , and pale yellow and ivory, light brown and pale lime.

• orange:
The orange color of the most degrees of colors warmer ,It combines the qualities of red and yellow, and can be configured different colors from the color orange for use in interior decoration for home like vintage color and the color of rust and copper color.

• Blue:
Can choose the color blue is the color of clear sky and deep water. but can be put towels with varying blue colors and white to give more color rough and the sea.

• brown:
Brown color gives a sense of calm nerves and lending an Excellency, especially with the use of spare accessories. For more elegance can put towels in the bathroom with varying colors between light brown and light yellow, and olive green.

• Green:
Can choose the green color ,it is the color of grass and leaves of the trees and vegetables, so it reflects the sense of shade and comfort,it cosiders from the colors that comfortable for Eyes and nerve and Soothe the mood.

• pink:
You can choose a non-traditional color such as pink for the bath room of teenage girlif there is space available for it. Can be chosen for the bedroom, bathroom, Pink and purple are bright colors like beautiful flowers and butterflies and nature.

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