Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beach House Designs

We have several beach house plans that offer residents amenable, full-time living space combined with all the rich enjoyments of life on the beach.Chief among these is a fantastic view of the water, which is the first thing that everyone who purchases a Jack Preston Wood beach house sees when they peer out of a window over an ocean populated by sailboats, ships coming home to port, happy families playing in the sand, and coastal wildlife of all varieties. Our homes are carefully planned to combine the best in human comforts with the most beautiful elements of Nature, creating a living experience that is removed from urban bustle without losing the better comforts of civilization in the process.Most of our beach houses are planned as three-story structures, with the garage conveniently located on the ground level.Imagine the feeling of luxury you will experience every evening when you pull through a stately Porte Cochere into a spacious two car garage nestled under your home. This ground level parking area offers plenty of room for two vehicles and reasonable amounts of light storage. Next to the parking area is a separate room that can be used as a main storage area, tool room, personal office, or downstairs apartment. Imagination defines this space beyond the simple blue print, so start thinking both practically and creatively the day you move in.The first story of every beach house is planned as a special event and activity space that fully accommodates both daily life and entertainment.Kitchens, breakfast areas, and dining rooms are located just a few steps apart. This makes it convenient for your families to eat together without having to backtrack very far to the kitchen for seconds or dessert. In fact, our kitchen floor plans are much larger than those found in typical weekend beach homes, and they are fully equipped to accommodate everything from a small family meal to a full-course cooking demonstration.

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