Thursday, November 5, 2009

Luxury House Interior Design

This house is U-shaped conceptual plan, which concluded with the central landscape and swimming pools. The house consists of 3-floor plan with living room, dining room and kitchen dry locks around the central part of the pool on ground level, which express long perimeter of the large full height glazing, balcony deck of wood and suspended concrete platform and a permeable stunning views out to the outer part pool landscape. In the dining room with sliding doors opening to pool and central part is an important axis. The first level consists of three bedrooms with his family in the central hall to be open to the balcony and overlook the pool area landscape that infinity pool with a roof top garden is located on the first floor level. The right side of the house forms landscape water feature that is visible from large windows in the stairwell area. The place is a hidden parking lot at the rear of the house.
modern house design stair cases

modern house design interiors

modern house design outdoor patio

modern house design glass details

modern house kitchen design

modern house design dining table


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