Thursday, November 5, 2009

Modern Interior Design - Dining table

Dining table, modern interior design
A very innovative dining room with simplicity brightening in every item of it; the colors used are so matched with a great contrast effect, the form of every item in this dining room is so simple which further emphasis the usage of two simple colors in solid areas.

You can see in the wooden buffet how the designer succeeded to make an intellegent asymmetrical balance using the shapes of the unit's shutters itself and by their colors too; which breaks the systematic look of the normal formal balance. 

Dining table, modern interior design
Speaking about contrast; here's the master of all contrasts with the never ending black and white, let me tell you that the secret of a well balanced contrast of black and white comes in the finding the right ratio between both colors and the placement of the elements of each color so as not to feel attracted to any one's area than the other.
The plastic material gives an ultra modern sense and just as simple as a tree leaf shape and a solid straight colors with a great glossy look; that's why it's widely spread in the interior design furniture and decoration as it also gives a great formation abilities more than wood.

Dining table, modern interior design

Another truly modern,balanced,catching and just relaxing dining room design; the white color area are just perfect with the wood veneer color and texture, you can instantly feel the balance and the harmony in this room, and know that the designer reached the exact right blend that every designer long for.
The simple but smart decoration playes a major role in delivering the designer's message as they match the colors used in the furniture perfectly, and contains the design soul of the room as you can see in the built-in shelf in the window's wall and how it's with the same ratio of the buffet in front of it.

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