Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unique Pendants from DK Living

We think lighting is one of those things that's really hard to shop for. You either get the generic, boring stuff at Home Depot or Lowes or you get the really high-end stuff at specialty stores.

So we were a little excited when we saw these at DK Living. This company sells furniture and accessories that are simple but very unique. The prices are very reasonable too. They run between $200-800 for the fixtures.

Here are some pendants that are quite lovely...
This one is a mesh-wire in silver. It 's only $200.
We love this glass pendant. It's so simple and clean-lined.
This picture is terrible, but the pendant looks adorable in person. The bubbles are being tied together by very thin wires. It runs about $700 or so.
We just like the simplicity of this pendant.
This one is very glamorous. It's about $800.
The pictures are not so great, sorry. They look much in person though.

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