Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colors of the wall and its influence in the decoration

colours inspire emotion and are said to harmonise and balance our energies. 


*green represents tranquility, hope and freshness.

*Gray is an ambiguous colour. to some, it is like a dismal cloudy day, denoting frustration and
hopelessness. However, it may also reflect positivity and signify balance.
*Tan represents a new, successful begining. 

*Pink represents love and feelings of joy, happiness and romance.

*Black__ On the positive side, black, or any dark colour, gives a feeling of depth, both in mood and
perspective. yet , black indicates lack of hope, and many make us feel low and depressed.


*Brown can be used to create a stable, established impression and a sense of passage of time. it symbolises depth and elegance.

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