Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The basis of household lighting

A matter of choosing the appropriate lighting for each room is important because it is an element of beauty, And adds charm and beauty and simple steps can lighting every room in the house easily and attractive.

First: determine the size of the room is because the size of the room without doubts how much control the type of lighting that will be used.

Second: you can give some of the romantic living room if they have a number of Illuminations side through a small chandelier hanging from the middle of the room, then you will find on all the reflected light around the room and then Increase the attractiveness and the beauty of the room

Third: If the room is lit by dim not want to enter natural sunlight then you need to use a number of carriers, lamps innovative aspects or parts buried in the furniture room because they reflect light significantly.

Notes When you choose a color appropriate for all decorative lighting in each room, it is the reasons for the success of any decoration is that the selection of lighting is appropriate for it .

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